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Endo diagnosis and laparoscopy -my story

I have found this site so useful for info i wanted to share my story, it seems only fair! Having struggled for 10+ years with agony around periods - heavy flow, bowel trouble and pain so bad i've taken time off work i am now finally diagnosed. I started going to my doctor a year ago, complaining with the symptoms. He told me to take the pill back to back and 'limit my periods'. Not really a solution. In the end he admitted he wasnt an expert and referred my to a gynae consultant. I URGE you to be persistent with GP's, they are not the experts and should support a referral. My specialist was great, took an hour going through my symptoms and did an examination. He was 90% certain endo was present and recommended a laparoscopy. From GP referral to specialist that took 8 weeks. Then from seeing the specialist to surgery it took another 12 weeks. I was lucky, my consultant (also my surgeon) was based at a private hospital so i was referred to his hospital courtesy of the NHS. I do feel very lucky to have had that level of treatment. Diagnosis was successful, he said i had endo present around pelvic wall, on my uterus and bowel adhesions. All removed during the procedure. I'm due to see him again in March to follow up. It feels great to finally know that everything i felt, every time i suffered and everything i read was based on SOMETHING REAL! I don't think i had a very severe case so i can only sympathise with those that do. The laparoscopy wasn't as bad as I'd built it up to be (i was very scared) and I'm now 5 days into recovery and feeling much better. I'll do a separate post on my experience of the operation as there are some specifics i can share from my experience. I suppose i just wanted to share how i got diagnosed and want others to feel that they must pursue a diagnosis. It can be hard to bang your head against the GPs wall but in my case it paid off and can honestly say i received treatment that far surpassed my expectations! I just hope my outlook is positive now and i can have some relief from the dreaded endo. It might not last forever but it's a start, just wish I'd done something about it years ago! Happy to answer any questions, but remember everyone is different. That's why this site is such a great resource. G x

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Welcome, and thanks for sharing, glad your experience was a good one, it's so often not, which is a shame,

I hope your recovery goes as well, but remember it's a big deal what you have been through, so please take it easy and listen to your body,



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