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Zoledax injections

I have been back and too to different gynecologist. One telling me I have endometriosis and then the last one wanted to try Zoledax injections for 6 months to see if it eases my symptoms. Bare in mind I have not had a laposcapy to even investigate what is happening.

I'm after any advice and experience with this drug.

I had my first injection on Thursday.

Thanks rebecca xx

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Hi Hun my doc said the same to me too they want to try everything possible before they do a lap 😁😁 what symptons do you have xx


in my 4 week cycle I have 1 good week when im pain free and not so tired, the week leading up to my period I get dizzy, fatigue, on and off stabbing pains in my stomach, then when I am on my period it is heavy, clotty and I am in extreme pain which I have to take tramadol for and then after my period its painful to open my bowels or when I have a full bladder, I also get so much water retention my pants don't fit me and I start to itch on my abdomen and thighs.

sex is none existent because it is so painful, thankfully its over quickly!!

have you started on these injections?



Hi, beacuse I've been having terrible side affects from the coil I have just had it removed, it did help with my pelvic pain and heavy periods but gave me terrible side Affects, my doc wanted to wait a few months to monitor my bleading and let my body settle down a little, I'm booked for a scan and tranvaginal again on Friday. So see what happens from that too 😁😁 Then back to gyni I reakon, everything takes so long, I've been listening to so much bad press about it all I wouldn't no what is best next... Horrible horrible disease xxx

Oh my main symptom is hip and leg pain constantly xx


It's a nightmare. They wanted me to have the coil fitted. Gp did not agree with treatment as it does not stop pain. She tried to fit the coil but it was impossible to see my cervix.

So had to wait again to go back to the gynecologist for the 3rd time in 6 months. Now these injections. You get messed around so much. One saying one thing then another contradicting it. All the while your in agony!! Xx


Hi Rebecca

You have all the symptoms that suggest endo as you know. Pain with sex and on bowel movements with bloating suggests it may be behind your vagina near you bowel in a place that is often not even visible at a lap. So the danger of having a lap in general gynaecology runs the risk of coming away to be told they couldn't find endo when in fact it wouldn't be visible. General gynaecologists often treat with medication without diagnosing but this should be your choice and you are entitled to a lap if you want one. This is the only way endo can be diagnosed with back up MRI to check for the deep endo that may be giving your symptoms. The fact that they couldn't find your cervix may indicate that your uterus has tilted and this would be a symptom too. Unfortunately knowledge of endo in general gynaecology is typically poor and often leads to all the mixed information you are getting. You really need to be seen at a specialist centre and have a right to go anywhere under NHS Choices. Where are you in the UK?


I live in warrington. Cheshire. I am not that far from Liverpool women's hospital. I'm unsure where I can find a specialist.

Thank you for your advise.

They have confirmed that my womb is tilted backwards.

I have never had any problems previously about 4 years ago I had my smear with no problem.



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