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Brown discharge getting heavier sorry tmi

Hi ladies

I'm hoping someone can help, I missed my last period it was 7 weeks ago but for the past week I have had brown spotting sometimes a tiny bit of red, well since last night it's gone stringy like discharge and it's getting heavier enough to wear a pad I have confirmed endo and am due for a hysterectomy in next couple months I'm getting cramps also. P.s I'm definitely not pregnant as too painful for sex lately. Anyone have any ideas do you think I should contact gp or gynae thank you

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Hi, I had this sort of discharge also only without the red but I had constant browny yellow discharge that was thick and yellow before and they kept trying to put it down the a sexual disease which it wasn't. They never really put it down to anything however once I had my lap it went so I definitely believe it was connected. I hope this helps!

Good luck with your hysterectomy!

Amber xx


I think if you're worried you should see your gp. In my experience.. I get about 4days of Brown gooey discharge before I see actual blood.. Then my period. My periods have recently become inconsistent with dates. I usually get very bad cramps, painful back and very tender breasts as well leading up to actual period. Hopefully this kinda helps? These days I just think brown goo is normal for me these days.


Hi ladies thanks think I will defo contact someone today, I understand brown stuff is dead blood my biggest concern is in a typical hour I will be in loads of pain get a small amount of bright red blood and 20 mins later it's back to black. So I have now black blood with some red too 😓 Oh I hate endo


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