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Waiting for referral :( in so much pain!

Hi guys,

I'm really struggling on what to do at the moment! (Bear with me whilst I write an essay!!)

I'm 19, recently had an ultrasound for suspected Endometriosis and various medication for pain relief and Notethisterone to help with the bleeding. I've had problems for years and years and finally felt like I was getting somewhere! My GP wanted me to get my implant removed and have the mirena coil fitted before they refer me, but after speaking to the GP that would fit the coil she was very reluctant to fit it due to not having kids etc. Long story short she has referred me to a specialist for a Laparoscopy and have the coil fitted at the same time. The only problem I have is that I've had to get a letter already from my GP as to why I've had to take so much time off uni and miss exams and I'm worried that I'll have to take loads of time off after the surgery (plus I'm in so much pain at the moment :() is it worth me ringing the hospital to find out the waiting time? How long have you guys had to wait? Thank you in advance :)

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Hi I was also 19 when the diagnosis was happening for me despite being in pain for years, and I've recently just turned 20 and I'm still having problems after my laparoscopy.

I started begining the diagnosis process at the end of my first year of uni around June last year- my hope was to get issues resolved before starting year two. Unfortunately even with private health cover with all the tests before etc etc and trying other treatments before the laparoscopy I didn't have a laparoscopy until September.

I decided to take a year out from uni for the same worries that I wouldn't be able to do well on my course especially because I do fashion and I used to be in uni from 8am-8pm and I felt like I couldn't do it. I feel like I made the right decision and uni were completely supportive of it. I just had to complete a few forms for the uni and student loan and give evidence of treatment and doctors letters.

If you've already started the term I think another option is you can show doctors letters etc and get your deadlines pushed back and get time off so maybe you should ask about that :)

Although for me after the laparoscopy and having the Endo taken out the it took me around 6 weeks to recover and I certainly wouldn't have been fit for uni... But I think this is different for everyone depending where it is how much etc ( I think the average recovery is 2-6 weeks) Even now I'm still having pain and I'm still visiting doctors all the time. Taking a year out just took off so much pressure and definitely helped for me.

I wish you luck with your laparoscopy and getting through uni being in pain all the time :( I can completely relate to the stress x

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Thank you so much for your comment! It feels so much better knowing someone else was in my position :) I'm definatley going to look into that at uni! Xx

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