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Advice needed!

Hiya all 😊 I'm due to have a pre op on the 27th of this month! After going to the doctors numerous times it's a huge relief my pre op is finally here 2 years on! I'm due to have a; laparoscopy, hysteroscopy and possible oophorectomy! Im currently taking tramadol, naproxen and paracetamol! Im so fed up of the pain! Some days it's a struggle getting out of bed! Is there any herbal remedies I could take before my op to help speed up recovery ? Or anything that could get at all! Im also very nervous about having the operation! As I have no children yet and have always wanted children! Any support out there would be appricated!

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Please don't be worried, there is lots of information on the Endo resolved website re. Preparing for laparoscopy, recovery and also alternative treatments etc. It really helped me.

The main thing that will speed up your recovery is rest and lots of it, the first few weeks even an afternoon out will make you tired if you've had extensive surgery. so make sure you have everything you need to be comfortable and happy organised in advance.

Peppermint tea is great for settling your tummy before and after lap, rescue remedy can help to calm you, I would also recommend aromatherapy to unwind.

Acupuncture has been fab for me and a friend of mine with severe Endo.

Just try and relax, anything you have done is to conserve your fertility and relieve your pain symptoms. Chances are they may not have to touch the ovaries, if they remove one you still have the other, if both I'm sure they will have discussed egg freezing and such with you - if you get all the Endo sorted out you should be in good shape to ttc either naturally or with ivf, better shape than you are right now, so it's moving things forward for you.

Trust that your time will come - I was told I would never have kids and docs were all very negative as I had stage 4 Endo and adeno too. I actually proved to be more fertile than some of my friends with no gynae problems. So Endo doesn't always dictate your fertility status.

Hope everything goes really well for you xx

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If you want children and are concerned about your ability to conceive, then discuss this at the pre-op too.

While I'm having my laparoscopy, they're going to put a blue dye in my uterus, see if it flows out of the Fallopian tubes or not - this will indicate if the tubes are blocked or not.

May be worth asking if they'll do that for you too while they're in there? My gynae also asked me to use the home kits for monitoring hormones to see if I was actually ovulating too - the clear blue ones measure LH and estrogen, use these and keep a diary of the results.


Hi hun if having oophorectomy.

Are you having both ovaries removed?

With you wanting to have babies I mean.

I've just had lap and hyso also it was fine, just a day procedure. Really straight forward I was in at 7am out at 3pm.

Nurses are fab, all other woman waiting are also nervous. Normal I think, (as it's the unknown)

I was petrified as never been in hospital before, or put asleep an I was fine. An I mean petrified. I nearly didn't go. Big wimp me.

I cried when came round. (This is normal apprantly. )

Defo needed hubby help me go home, get out of bed, carry bag, put me in car.

I was on morphine so had no pain til next day.

gas from anaesthetic is the worse thing from been put asleep.

Try to sleep sitting up an get peppermint tea in. Helps dispense gas from body. This will take around 4 days. I

pre op appointment consists of bloods, swab in nose an by bum/fairy, check of any med your on, e c g (listen to heart), height & weight.

you'll be in an out in 20 minutes

Hope this helped at all xx

Your on your road to hopefully been pain free :)


So sorry to ladies who commented I've been stuck in a rut of depression and have no been on the site, I get bouts of depression to point where I no longer wanna move at all! The pain is horrendous! I'm not sure whether I'm having removal of both ovaries of just one! I have a 7cm cyst and my gnye said my ovary will have to be taken away as it will have scar tissue on and will be too damaged. I'm absolutely past myself. X


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