Bowel Endo day 3 of period

Bowel Endo day 3 of period

Just wanted to show u all and hope this pic can offer an insite into my hell this is by far the strangest feeling I've ever had my left side is so swollen my lap scars are hurting idk wtf is going on inside my body right now but I strangely feel more comfortable than I have for days I'm actually sitting up today anybody know what's happening when this happens? I'm not great at anatomy :/ and to be fair I'm not sure when I should or shouldn't go to the hospital how big do I allow the bloat to get? There's barely any blood but plenty of clots and jelly chunks

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Ouch! When did you have your lap? I know if you have had it recently and it feels sore and hot then it could be a sign of infection? Possibly get it checked out just to be safe xx

It was 8th October I had the lap to be fair the pain is localised on the entire left side cutting across the bottom quarter of my abdomen sharply to the right but down my left groin. My right knee and ankle swelled up and the top of my right foot is a funny shade of blue/purple but its not sore either xx

This doesnt sound good. If your concerned i would call NHS out of hours 111. Hope you feel better soon x

Thanks Liz, I'm sure my other half will insist on the walk in centre tonight he's looking at me funny this last hour xx

If the pain gets worse or you get pain anywhere else i would definitely call 111 as they maybe quicker or if you feel really bad go to A & E. Better to get it checked out just in case.

I assumed this would be classed as a flare up? Do you think it could be something else? I must admit I have been googling and a Hiatus Hernia sounds very possible given the fact I've had indigestion for days too xx

It sounds like it could be something else but i dont know. Do you mean a flare up of your endo? Did they not treat any of that during your lap?

I've had a complicated story I've posted about it on here, they found so many cysts I lost count, but when they got in there they found and deroofed 2 endo cysys that encased the entire ovary & tube on each side, my ovary is attached to my rectum, but both work fine it's possible they simply went in at a quiet time I suppose but in all honesty I have absolutely no idea about what happened with the cysts they never explained it to me xx

*it did occur to me maybe I've had a cyst rupture...

I have just been reading your posts. You have really been through it. Really feel for you. Sounds like maybe they have just tried to breakdown your cysts rather than remove but I would have a clue to be honest. have you looked up cyst rupture ?

I had ruptures while I was pregnant, well before I found out I'd miscarried, the pain is very similar I described it as a feeling of tearing and suggested lesions but they insisted it was small ruptures as the cyst formations changed constantly xx

Is it getting any worse? X

at the moment it really hurts to lay on my left side, I'm still very swollen but the pain does seem to have eased in my abdomen while sitting up, maybe that's the pain killers...I'll have a better idea around midnight when they start to wear off, the swelling hasn't increased much if any but my rib cage is aching on both sides front and back now other than feeling REALLY old and achy I don't feel too bad, nausea has passed, temperature has come down, I haven't cried since this morning either so I can't complain lol xx

Go to a&e.

Put yourself first. I suffered for years not wanting to make a fuss. It took my friend driving me to a&e and suddenly the medical profession started to listen.

Please take care


I agree I think you need to go and get checked out at the hospital. Take care x

Thanks girls, I'll update tomorrow xx

How are you this morning? Xxxxx

Surprisingly better :) still achy a bit in my back and the left ribcage on the front lower 4/5 ribs and the bloating has gone down a bit too :)

That's good to hear

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