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My process

Hi, a lot has happened last night and this morning, so I thought I might make a post.

At the beginning of December, my gp told me he'd write an urgent letter and send it straight away to the hospital for them to bring forward my pre-op appointment. He said he can't refer me to a specialist (I'm guessing that's due to being in Wales) but he said ask the gynae if they can refer me when I go to my appointment. So I've been waiting to get the date... Turns out he hasn't sent the letter, due to having a lot of work. If I'd have known this, I would have taken things into my own hands sooner.

So yesterday I rang the specialist centre directly. Asking for advice on how to get referred to them. My only option is to have a private consultation with them, and see where that takes me. So that is what I'm doing. I've rang my gp and spoken to the manager, asking for all of my notes and details, so I can go to the private specialist consultant with all the info I need. Even the manager of the doctors advised not to have the lap with a general surgeon. And that even if I went to my pre-op appointment with them, they'd probably tell me they can't refer me to a specialist anyway.

I'm having to do this privately, due to Wales not allowing it on the nhs. I can afford a private consultation, but no way can I afford the lap if it's private. But luckily I'm moving back to England anyway, so if there is definitely no way to have the lap at a specialist centre and done on the nhs, then I'll just have to wait till I move back to England. But at least I'll be taken seriously when I see this private specialist. And I will be given all the right information I need to go about how to get this thing sorted.

So I'm in the process of going to the specialist centre of my choice, for a private consultation. And I was in absolute agony last night, so I'm glad I've taken it into my own hands. :)

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Well done Hun. How was your Christmas and new year? I've been thinking of you and hoping that that you're ok. Do you know when your appointment will be? I finally have a date for my op- 11th March. Can't wait to get sorted. Good luck Hun. All the best Jean.

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Aw thank you. I had a good Christmas and new year, thanks. How was yours?

They said they have a free space on the 19th January. But it's an hour away, and my dad's back at work, so I'll have to see when he can get time off work, so he can take me to the appointment.

That's good that you have a date. Good luck for it :)


I had a great Christmas got spoiled rotten . Let me know how you get on Hun. I keep my fingers crossed for you.

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Good luck for tomorrow Hun . Hope everything goes ok let us know how you got on. Jean


We haven't got that appointment. My dad can't get off work to take me, so I'll just have to wait till he can.

Thanks though :)


Whuch part of wales are you in? There is an endo centre in cardiff at the Heath hospital.


I'm in North Wales. So the closest one to me is the Chester one.


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