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Exercise and loosing weight!


Hi everyone, just looking for some advice and a few tips!

I was diagnosed with stage 2 endo in October last year. I have recently gone back to work as a carer and I’m struggling to find the time and more importantly the energy to go to the gym. I am overweight and I am pretty desperate to lose some of it as I know it will help my pain and energy levels and importantly increase my confidence!

Has anyone got any advice on how they fit it in with a part time job?

Also, any tips on how to manage chronic fatigue and loosing weight? Also any tips on their routine and what you do at the gym?

Any help would be appreciated!!

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Ive struggled with chronic fatigue and have been taking evening primrose supplements with my multivitamins and its made such a difference to my energy levels and im also sleeping better, i struggle to loose weight but high protein diet works for me as stops me getting hungry easily and ive stopped snacking after dinner when the weather gets better i will go back to walking in the summer i walked for an hr 3 times a week and it really helped i hate exercise so i picked somewhere scenic so i didn't feel like it was exactly exercise

I’ve been looking into supplements, is there any others that you take? I currently take vitamin D but that’s it! I will definitely look into this, thank you🙂

I do enjoy walking! Do you walk on your own? Silly question really but I struggle with anxiety too but I am determined to heal by body better!

Lyn84 in reply to Giraffe0210

I take the multivitamins that have a higher dose of iron 14mg as most only have 5mg i walk on my own I wasn't keen on doing it as first but then enjoyed it as i could go at my own pace and if felt like I couldn't do the full hr i could do as long as want. I made sure i listened to my favourite music while walking too that helped

Giraffe0210 in reply to Lyn84

Thank you!

I've never bothered with the gym - I like to run outside, so you feel like you're getting some fresh air and sun (hopefully!) at the same time. If you're new to exercise, I would recommend a 5k training app on your phone - it will ease you into running gently, so you don't injure yourself. I know that the NHS does one, but I use one called Zombies Run 5K (they do a full running app too once you're more into it). It's set in a post-apocalyptic world, and you're running to collect supplies for your colony, and dodging zombies on the way. There's characters and plot lines, and they build you in gently with lots of walking and stretching. I've found it makes it easier to stick to, as I want to know what happens next! The same creators have also developed a similar app called the Walk, which might be good to record how much you're walking if you don't want to run? Good luck - I know that exercise helps my endo, and I should definitely do more of it too!

Thank you! I will look into it🙂

Hi there - ive lost 50lbs in the past year. My big revelation has been that exercise is a rubbish way to lose weight (although it’s great for health and has helped my endo pain and energy levels, so I’m not saying we shouldn’t bother!). The biggest factor in losing weight is what you eat, so if you’re struggling for time and energy, then focus on that first.

I’ve used the My Fitness Pal app to track calories, and focused on protein, lots veg, good carbs (ie as little processed as possible). And of course the occasional built in treat! It made such a difference to how I felt, sorry if I’m coming over all evangelical :-)

I also just walk more, eg park further from work etc. A step counter can be a good way to incentivise that.

Be kind to yourself and listen to your body, with chronic fatigue as well you shouldn’t push yourself too hard. Good luck xx

Giraffe0210 in reply to lou002

Thank you! Oh wow, congratulations that’s incredible! Well done you🙂

Thank you for the awesome advice, I have read an article on this but always thought exercise was a very important part!

lou002 in reply to Giraffe0210

I think a bit of exercise does help - eg helps control my appetite (but others say it increases theirs), and gives a few extra calories for treats. But you can only make small changes at any one time, so if weight loss rather than fitness is your focus, the first thing to concentrate on is calories in (in my opinion anyway!).

Giraffe0210 in reply to lou002

Thank you🙂 I’ve managed to eat healthier meals for the last 4 weeks but it’s in between, mainly after dinner where I loose my control and eat rubbish!! But I will get there!

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