I work 5 days a week at a family business for the hours of 7am-4pm and with the amount of pain I'm in with all of this at the moment, I'm wondering whether to speak about maybe having a day off in the week for my body to have a break. I'm just so tired all of the time and spend the whole day crying and I'm getting sick of it. I always feel so guilty when I'm off ill so wondered if having a day off in the week would be easier. What do you think? I'm just nervous to ask because people don't understand the pain!!

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  • Shame feel so sorry for you it's not easy when people don't understand. You'd think it being family they'd say don't worry about coming in today or we can see you in a lot of pain go home put your feet up. Though often family are the worst. Take care hope you can get something sorted even if it was a Wednesday so you'd have a break after two days of agony xxxxxx

  • My family are really supportive, I just always feel guilty not going in. I haven't been able to go into work today so I'm thinking about asking to work from home on a Wednesday for a bit and go in on the other days.

    I appreciate what they all do, I just always feel like I'm letting people down! Xxx

  • Sorry Hun I really don't and didn't mean anything against your family. glad there really supportive. I'm sorry i miss read post, I don't mean to. I totally understand what you mean by you feel you letting people down Hun I'm exactly the same. It's horrible take care and sorry to hear you bad today xxxxx

  • Don't be silly I know you didn't mean anything like that, don't worry.

    I do feel like i'm letting people down and it makes me really upset that it's like that.

    I'm hoping a day at home will help. I can't go to work without crying, being in constant pain and I even struggle to wear my jeans because it hurts so much xxxxx

  • Thanks babe for replying. I'm having a very emotional day to and worried I'd upset you it's horrible is it, I understand completely what you mean I had my lap done 15/2 and took last week off work I'm meant to go back tomorrow and the thought of it is making me so anxious though I hate letting customers down 😢 What medication are you on? Could you wear leggings babe? It's these dam hormones that make us cry, are you on any anti depressants, my gp luckily is brilliant and I went explained I could do nothing but cry so she suggested a anti depressant to see me through and it does help though some days like today I Cry all day. I tuck my hot water bottle into my leggings so I have the constant heat. To help with the pain have you tried a tens machine whilst you work? Tiger balm? Xxxxxx

  • Awww don't worry you hadn't upset me! I'm having an emotional time too and I hate it! How did you find the lap? I'm scheduled for mine late March/early April. I'm only on tranexamic acid for my periods. I used to be on anti depressants but not anymore- I have a feeling I might need to go back on them. I wear leggings at work at the moment so might take a heating pad/bottle. I haven't tried that yet, might have to. Looks like we're both struggling at the moment!! Xxxxx

  • Thanks Hun, to be honest I was more nervous about the op its self, though everyone was brilliant, I found it ok they removed cysts and blasted endo, the first few days after was good none of my usual endo pain and was very hopefully though today I've been horrendously sore though have called gp so they sending precsciption to my local chemist, I'd go speak to your doctor babe you having such a tuff roller coaster time just now and you may just need that extra support with anti depressant, me and over load of hormones ain't good so my anti depressant just evens me out. Here anytime if you want to chat. Xxxxxx

  • i'm glad that yours went well. I'm having mine soon and i'm just a little bit worried about whats going to happen because i've heard about the problems in bad cases. Everything is just getting too much now, it's ruining my family relationships, my boyfriend is upset about things but still does literally everything for me! sorry for the delay by the way.

    I might consider going back on anti depressants :( thanks so much, i've loved speaking to you! xxxxx

  • You will be worried Hun I was the same, honestly it's natural to worry. You will be fine Hun gynaecologist are doing this job probably 8-10 times a day to us it's very worrying and scary though to them it would be like us doing our job, everyone tells horror stories about everything in life babe though you just need to think positive. Even worth speaking it through with your gp regarding anti depressants as may we'll help. Boys try to understand though they just don't fully understand girl problems lol xxxxx

  • Yeah, that's what i keep telling myself. i'm just more scared for what they might find. thanks so much for talking to me about all of this, it's really helped me xxxxxx

  • Hi Becca, there is no harm in asking . The worst they can say is no. Do what is right for you.

  • Thanks so much. I think that's what I'm going to do!

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