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Hello everyone!!

Hello, I am a newby and just looking for advise!!

I first saw a doctor over 3 years ago with stomach pain, made worse by sex. She filled my body with pain killers, the pill and antidepressants - none of which helped.

In the end she sent me for a laparoscopy and they found nothing wrong with my insides, due to this the doctors then told me it must all be in my head and to 'learn to live with it'!!!

I tried, but nothing I did helped and all the pills made me gain a lot of weight as well so my depression got worse.

In October I was in a lot of pain and saw my doctor, she sent me straight to hospital with suspected appendicitis. After 48 hours in hospital and no improvements they finally went in and removed my appendix. I was hopeful that this would solve my problems - I was wrong!

The letter sent to my doctor saying they found a lot of blood in my pelvic area, removed and tested it and confirmed endometriosis.

Now I just feel like I am getting no where with my GP. Test after test but she won't refer me to anyone. I understand they need to do the tests before referring but she is now repeating the same things. Today she has told me to stop ALL pain killers and 'see how I get on'.... Really????

I am at my wits end now, always in pain, tired, and drugged up (on pain killers) after getting off my antidepressants, I just feel my mood getting worse and I'm getting more down everyday.

My partner wants me to see someone privately, has anyone else done this to help move things along?

I really am at a loss now, with my GP wasting time it doesn't help either.

Sorry for the long message/rant, but any advise or ideas would be great!!


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That all sounds awful. Im pretty sure you can demand to be referred to a specialist.


Think I'm going to have to!!!

I've got blood tests on Monday due to being so tired all the time but after that I will go back and demand, if not I know my other half will be looking into Bupa or something like that and paying for me to see someone who knows what they are talking about ASAP!! X


Make sure you go to an accredited specialist: bsge.org.uk/ec-BSGE-accredi...


Oh great, thank you!! I will have a look at thank link!!



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