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Low Blood Sugar

Hello everyone,

I've suffered from my sugar levels dropping for quite a few years now and it drives me mad because sometimes just a banana or something small won't cut it and I find myself eating more than I want to. I've been looking online and it seems it's probably down to the endo, do many of you suffer with this? I wish there was more help because it's driving me mad the shaking can take hours to wear off xx

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Hi Kirstie, yes I suffer with really bad low blood sugar symptoms : i read this can be connected with endo for sure. If I let my self go too long without eating, things get bad: shaky, dizzy, feeling faint, tears then possible migraine :(. It makes standing up for even short periods difficult. I'm not sure if you do this already, but it might be worth looking into low GI foods, i.e. foods which help release blood sugar at a much more gradual pace, and also ensuring you have protein with each meal if possible.

I really sympathise with you on this. The week before my period usually sends my blood sugar all over the place and I have to eat loads. I had a laparotomy in Nov and was diagnosed with stage 4 endo : I'm on zoladex at the mo, will be interesting to see how this affects the blood sugar side of things. I hope you can get relief from this as soon as possible, take care. X X X X


I've found that if I go too long I end up feeling really shaky and dizzy. I also find if I stand about and when I'm quite busy I can go like this. The shaking is pretty constant atm and is driving me crazy. I'll have a look into GI foods thanks :)

I also suffer from headaches if I get really bad. It's a strange symptom for sure. Hope the zoladex gives you some relief xxxx

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