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Low blood Sugar?

Hi Ladies.

I was just wondering if any of you suffer with low blood sugar levels, I was talking to Lindle about it the other day and there is definately a connect between endo and blood sugar being low. I have tried to read a bit about it but there doesn't seem to be anything on how to treat it.

About a year ago when I started being really unwell with endo (didn't know it was endo then) my Dr did a lot of blood test and checked for diabetes and it came back fine.

I had a lot of syptoms of low blood sugar I would have breakfast (a bowl of porridge) and then a hour later I would start feeling sick, shakey, dizzy and I just knew I needed to eat.

I brought myself a blood sugar levels was love normally between 2 and 3. And this sometimes happens after my dinner which I know there is no way it should be low. I'm just wondering if any of you get this and if this should or can be treated?


Jo x

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What a relief to read I'm not alone, I get this a lot, it's been really bad the past few weeks and it can really get you down. I wish something could be done for it, it just shows so much more needs to be done where endometriosis is concerned as I tried to find things to read to show it is connected and found nothing because before endo I never had a problem xx


I didn't know until recently because I have only just been diagnosed and started to put it together .

But at the time when my endo must have started causing all my pain this came with it and my Dr seemed pretty baffled by it they test me for diabetes and thought my normal blood sugar is on the low side she said it wasn't diabetes.

I get it really bad usually near my period and it seems to get more crazy, I now have to have a little snack about every hour and a half and have to eat breakfast as soon as i wake. I just worry how this will effect my body in the long run.

I agree as there seems to be some many other things that come with it.

Thanks for replying it makes me feel better to know I am not the only one going through this craziness.



That's interesting, I've never linked them together but yes I do get it too. I have to have a snack frequently. I get a bit clammy, light headed and my hands shake until I eat something. I get snappy too. It's odd because it can come on quite quickly and I don't have any tummy rumbling signs of hunger. Whereas other days I can be ok but have had the exact same meals as the previous day. I'll keep more of an eye out for when it occurs and see if I can find a pattern linked to my cycle xx

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Yeah that's it my hands shake and I get clammy and that so isn't me normally prior to endo because I have a under active through so I barely break a swear when I exercise.

Yes it is never the same for me every day it occurs at different times I have had times where I have woke in the night that I need some sugar, I keep some glucose tablets on bedside table now.

I'm going to aswell now I've linked the 2 I definately want to see the pattern I am going to speak to Dr when I go next but I can't see there is anything they can do really

Thanks for replying xx


Wow, I just spotted this when I was browsing posts. I've suspected this for a little while now. Usually around the time of my.period or just after I suddenly feel dizzy and light headed and like I need to eat something. Not hungry exactly but I just feel like I really need something and I've noticed recently that it goes away when i eat. I had initially thought it was stress related but now I'm thinking its low blood sugar! X


Omg yes I've not put the 2 and 2 together but yes I get that too, what the hell!?


I know makes me feel really sick a lot of the time and i think pain med make it more unstable too x


I just read this post today and i realise that i got these sympoms as well and got these for years. Sweating, shaking, dizzy and lightheaded. Snappy, because i can feel my sugarlevel drop and it makes me feel afwul. I always carry now a snack with me like banana or flapjap, to make sure that i will be ok when i am out.

I start to get dizzy and lightheaded now when i have too much sugar. For instance if i eat a big piece of cake i have to stop eating, because it makes me funny in my head and kind of sick. Anyone got this as well?

As well just a week before my period i dont eat much, i am not hungry and then 2 days or so before it starts i need to eat constantly!!!


Hi Ladies,

I am only just starting to work out this connection for myself. I was misdiagnosed as diabetic along the way in an a and e but then all the follow said I was normal enough. I get head rushes and blood sugar drops often. I find eating regularly and avoiding coffee helps. Googled it and found this thread. Has anyone found a working solution?


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