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Hi guys, I've been given a bit of a fright this morning, the GP receptionist called and told me I had to repeat some of my tests. I suffer from really severe anxiety so of course this gave me a huge fright! A GP isn't available to speak to me until tomorrow but I've worked out from the blood sheet that it's a repeat of a Liver Function Test they're doing. I already had this done on my blood work on Tuesday, why would they need to repeat it so soon? And what would this have to do with suspected endo? I'm really scared.

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  • I wouldn't worry too much, it's probable just not a good sample supplied, good luck

  • I agree with Tboag - I had to have my bloods done again before my laparoscopy because the sample wasnt enough, so its probably something simple like that.

  • thank you guys, It's nice to hear some reassurance! like I said, I've got horrible anxiety so as soon as you hear something like that you just jump to the worst conclusion, especially after such a short period of time has lapsed. I've been given a really quick ultrasound turn-around too which made me panic a little bit :(

  • I worried too when they said I needed more bloods - I think its only natural that you do, but it would help if they told you why at the time!

  • The GP finally got in touch! He said the blood tests indicated a fatty build up on my liver, so it might not even be endo after all! Don't know what to feel/think any more :(

  • I hope you get some answers quickly - the worse thing is not knowing, sometimes.

  • Hi

    blood tests to check liver function are notoriously tricky and can vary quite a lot between different times from when they are taken. Your GP is just doing the right thing in checking, and checking again. My partner is a nurse in Drug & Alcohol where you have to do a lot of liver function tests.. ;-)

    I wouldn't worry too much, six months ago my young son (too young to be drinking alcohol!) had to have his liver function tests re-taken. He is very healthy but had had a virus in Aug/Sep which appeared to give a variation in his liver function tests. After a month his liver function was back to normal.

    Wishing you all the best xx

  • PS the liver function test can sometimes be done to monitor how your medication is working


  • thanks for the reply! I did wonder, as I'd only ever heard of fatty build up on those who were overweight or alcoholics! I am 5ft 2 and about 10 stone (I think). I really don't think I'm overweight and I hardly drink cos I find it irritates me and causes me to flare up even more, so it's not something I do often!

    I've been given an emergency ultrasound on Wednesday afternoon and a repeat of the liver function test. Eager to find out what's going on.

  • Omg your results sound very similar to mine I too am waiting for a ultrasound scan which I'm having on Thursday as part of a pelvic investigation due to severe pelvic,hip and lower back pain I've had for over 4 weeks now. I've also had swelling of my abdomen some days look pregnant. Called doctors today receptionist said I need to make an appointment with doctor to discuss liver result. has anyone else had to see their doctor about liver function results whilst having pelvic pain related issues??

  • I hope it works out well for you! drop me a message and let me know how you get on, sounds like we've got really similar issues!

  • What are your symptoms and how long have you had them please? Such a worrying time isn't it. I haven't felt that bad today until a couple of hours ago now I feel bloated look pregnant and belly and hips are so painful x

  • I've had pelvic pains since I was about 13/14. I describe it as in a t position. Across the top of where my pants would sit and then straight down towards the tip of my vagina. I've described the pain as burning (not like a UTI type burning) and as if someone is pushing down on a bruise. That's been going on for 7 years now, the past 12 weeks have been heavier, worse pain, just above my hip bone, the bottom of my back and along the top of my bikini line. I take painkillers every day, those are what I think make me bloated and constipated, but yeah, I look pregnant a lot too, it can horribly painful! Make sure your bowels are running cos it can be sooo much less painful if you're running as normal.

  • Our symptoms are very similar what do you take to relieve your pain? I have never experienced anything like the last 4 weeks I've not had one pain free day, I can not even imagine having to go back to work as I feel right now, the pain does seem to subside it I just sit down with my feet up but if I walk around even for 10 minutes I'm in agony again! I've managed two full nights sleep in 4 weeks x the bloating is worrying me more now I know my liver test is higher than it should be it doesn't help I read things all over the Internet about swelling abdomen and ascites 😞 how can my body change so much in just 4 weeks??!! Can you work and go about your daily routine without issues? Xx

  • I was let go from my job in January when it was at it's worse. I have recently received an offer of a new job and they've been very understanding. Mine comes and goes, I can have 6 really terrible weeks and then a few weeks when the pain is still there, not as bad but there's a wee bit of underlying pain. I take cocodamol every day as a precaution, even if I don't need it I've learned it's better to take it. A nurse once told me that often people reach a certain level where you just surpass help, as in no amount of painkillers could help, so she told me that sometimes, when I feel like it is a case of just taking them as a precaution rather than when I feel terrible. I take dihyrodcodeine on days I know it's bad. I try not to wear tight jeans and find leggings to be the most comfortable. Don't ever push yourself too far but I do try get out as much as I can- things like heat packs that I can just slide into my leggings between my pants are pretty handy and provide a little bit of comfort. Plenty fluids, stay away from fizzy juice, try do a wee bit of exercise, even if I feel awful.

    I really don't know what else to suggest, I think it can be different for everyone and if you don't know what's causing your pain it can be especially difficult to pinpoint exactly what it is! I wish you the best of luck.

  • Hi there

    I'm a sonographer and see thousands of GP patients with 'abnormal LFTs' (liver function tests) on their scan request card with no other significant previous medical history. Majority of patients, their liver looks normal and it was an erroneous result and after another/ a few repeat blood tests over time it goes back to normal. As previously mentioned, a virus/illness can cause abnormal LFTs. Being overweight/eating unhealthy foods and drinking high amounts of alcohol can cause a de-ranged blood result, but you have said that you don't fit this. Also, it is common for patients who eat a lot of ghee based dishes to have fatty livers even if they are of normal weight. Having endometriosis/pain usually equals frequently taking painkillers/medication, this can cause abnormal LFTs too.

    I know it's easier said than done and we always think worst case scenario but try not to worry too much. Just remember to follow what instructions you were given for the ultrasound preparation. At the end of the scan when you're wiping the gel off, if you feel like it, ask the sonographer if it is fatty - most will tell you that but can't give a full report, that's the GP's job to tell you. I do with my patients if they ask at the end - as I don't want them worrying unnecessarily but every sonographer and hospital is different. Just don't ask at the beginning of the scan if they will tell you the results at the end because most will say no. I would not either because we basically are not equipt to tell you if it is something very serious as you will want to ask questions and know what will happen next (I know I would and couldn't just go home if it was me). So by asking at the beginning of the scan when we don't even know what's wrong (if anything), we can't then say yes that we will tell you the results even if it is 'just' a fatty liver at the end. Hope that makes sense.

    Even if your liver is fatty, it can be reversed depending on how fatty it is. Having a fatty liver is pretty common and not life threatening/debilitating. It's when the liver is cirrhotic, that it is in the end stages of liver disease and things can't be reversed, which results in needing a transplant. I am pretty sure that this will not apply to you, usually alcoholics. Don't want to scare you but I think it's important to be informed as most of us just get fobbed off by hospitals/medical profession, which makes us even more anxious.

    Good luck and hope it all goes well xx

  • Thank you for taking the time to write your post x

  • Thank you so much for the reply! You've helped put me at ease a little as i really was worrying. I don't ever google my symptoms as I know I'll most likely to get an uninformed answer but you've been so helpful! It did cross my mind that the medication could be the reason why, at the moment I'm pretty much on daily pain killers to help with the pain So it could make sense. Thank you all for your help everyone :)

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