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Good morning to all the ladies whom are dealing with endo and pregnancy.

I spend my 1st and 2nd January bleeding uncontrollably and I do not know if my baby is still with me or out of any danger. I got a letter to meet a midwife on Wednesday at a different hospital then the one I usually attend. On top of everything yesterday I had pain around my belly button and today is the first day when I throw up. I was just close to work, whoever so me maybe thinks I am having a hangover...

Funny is the throw up I doubt it has anything to do with the pregnancy, I think I am coming down with a cold, I had all the symptoms related to this. My stomach is still funny I doubt I get away only with this one...

I am not sure what to talk to the midwife, can she tell if is still safe to have this baby? I want so badly this pregnancy to go until end but I am so afraid he or she will end up with any health problems. I really want a change for a healthy baby, why my baby should come to this world sick ...

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You should call your local maternity ward and have them check you over, xxxx


Hi alina,

  How long u were trying to have baby with endo was it easy to get pregnant u got pregnant after your endo??



Sorry I didn't respond earlier,I did not receive the email notification.

I was lucky to become pregnant in 3 months time,which I think is okay. From October when I had my lap I had 3 months of Injections and nothing after. In may pain was starting so I had a mirena until September. My reaction was not as expected so we decided to try for a baby. 

I am 5 months now, although I had twins at the beginning, the remaining baby is a bouncing little boy doing somersaults daily. 

Any other questions feel fre to message me, I will happily respond! 



Did u use to get sore boobs and cramps and discharge before ur periods ?


Hi ,

Yes I used to have cramps and sore boobs , discharge returned late , nearly after month 4 when my spotting and bleeding stopped...


Hi alina what kind of bleeding u had in your pregnancy ?


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