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Needing advice!!!

I have recently been having a lot of random pains at different times of the month. I went to the doctor and she sent me for an external and internal ultrasound. I was then informed that they found a small posterior mass in my myometrium lining and that I also had an infection according to my blood test results... They said the mass could be the possibility of adenomyosis and I am about to get my next check-up ultrasound.. Since the first ultrasound i have had more pain and different pain unfolding... with my last period the day before i started getting right side flank pain which then went into my back and there it stayed for the next five days.

My periods have also been thick in consistency and very dark brown since they found the small mass. Has anyone else had this?

I am just wanting any advice from anyone that knows anything about Aden or who suffers from both Aden and endo.. Do they or can they co-exist at the same time? And what is actually happening in your body? I read that the endo/Aden bleeds when you bleed.. And then what? Does it then bleed from the same place/places every month? Or does the bleeding re absorb back into your body when your period is over and then starts in a new spot next the next month? Is that why the pains can be so random and all over your body? And can you get infections from the spots that bleed?

If anyone knows any good sites/blogs or pages that explain this all... I would be so grateful for the advice.

Love and light to everyone. I feel very overwhelmed by this all. It's new to me and living a life of pain is horrible.


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