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Hiya guys, Just looking for some advice! Ive been back and forth to my GP for years trying to get a diagnosis on what is suspected Endometriosis. I've had a normal and internal ultrasound which was 'inconclusive' and got referred back to GP. GP gave me Mefanamic and Transexamic acid and some Norethisterone to help with the heavy period. She has suggested instead of a laparoscopy that I should get my implant removed and have the mirena coil fitted. I've heard good things about the coil but I'm worried that it will just be masking the real problem? Should I push for a laparoscopy or give the coil a go first? Thanks!! X

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Hi there!

Sorry it's taken you so long to get any good help!

I would have thought the first thing to do would be getting your GP to refer you to a Gynaecologist - someone that really knows all about these problems!

I was fobbed off by GP's to start with as they thought I was 'too young' for endo (was 18 when I first went to the GP) & told I had IBS & all the rest of it... I was put on the pill but then referred to a Gynae & he did the deciding of the best route to rule it out (i.e. Laparoscopy & fitting a coil at the same time).

If the tablets you have been prescribed help with the pain/bleeding at the moment, maybe being referred to a Gynae first would be a better option? A Coil is great, but it doesn't really give you a diagnosis!!

Hope that might help a bit... Have a Happy New Year xx :-)

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There is a protocol to be followed for suspected endo. You should only be treated in primary care for 3 - 6 months before being sent to a gynaecologist for further investigation. It sounds as if your GP has long exceeded this. It is well understood that long term use of contraceptives is likely to mask progression if you do have endo and the time has come to find out. This is the protocol:


If you live in England you have access to NHS Choices that allows you to see a consultant of your choice. Click on my name and look at my post on how to find a specialist. x

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