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Endo after Hysterectomy


Just come by from the consultant to be told I still have Endo 5 yrs after my total Hysterectomy! I have slight bleeding but lots of pain and his solution was to stop HRT. I had severe stage 4 (undiagnosed until the op)and am quite horrified at the thought of this being present again!

He suggested herbal replacement therapy and said if there is no change in 6 months we have to go down the route of surgery again!Help!!

Has anyone else had this happen?

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Hi...Thanks for the reply.I just turned 46 in Nov.I have never been seen by anyone other than the consultant who performed the Op.I have no womb/ovaries/tubes/cervix and have been on Premarin 1.25mg for the whole time since my op in 2011.

I have pains in exactly the same area's as before the op but they thought in A&E back in March that it was my Appendix.Was just fobbed off with scar tissue and lesions on my liver and scarring on my bowel (this was stuck together after my op so had problems there 😢

I have no idea what my oestradiol levels are as I have never had any blood tests relating to this.

I live in Leicestershire but come under Burton on Trent hospital.

I was sadly mistaken in thinking that once I had the hysterectomy that would be the end of my problems but alas its now becoming apparent that's not the case.

Any advice would be fantastic X

Thank you x

Thank you so much for your help and advice.I now have the ammunition needed to get something done!!

Have a Happy New Year

Vicky x

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