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Any ideas ladies?

Last night I had the most agonising pain. It seemed to start around my cervix and spread across my pelvic floor. It was so intense I could not even speak and lasted for about 80 minutes. I would describe the intensity as on par with childbirth and I could not move. After it subsided I felt sore, bruised and had a distended stomach. Today I have started bleeding - bright red thin fresh blood - I have the mirena coil and do not usually have any bleeding ( although 6 mths ago I was having some odd spotting) I have been diagnosed with endo for 20yra and adeno for 8 mths. Anyone have any ideas as to what happened last night - I don't want a repeat of it I know that!!

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The pain you describe sounds like the same intensity when I had a ruptured ovarian cyst. Tummy was distended for weeks. Sorry but I can't remember where the pain started with me


I had an Ovarian cyst that twisted twice and had me rolling around on the floor with intense pain, much like you've described. I've since had two children and would describe it on par. They can twist and untwist on their own so both times mine untwisted and the pain stopped/reduced. Prior to finding out what it was the cyst caused other minor annoying symptoms such as changes in cycle and bleeding etc. I'd go to the docs and ask for an ultrasound. X


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