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Ok, so I'm a huge hypochondriac and I've just seen something on Facebook and I need someone to put my mind at ease!

I saw something on Facebook about Ovarian Cancer and I have a few of the symptoms, but some coincide with Endometriosis. But what I'm asking is, during my lapo my gynecologist would've noticed something if there was something there, wouldn't they? But these symptoms only started after my op? I've also had the HPV injection (I know this is only to prevent but it's supposed to help!) and I'm only 20 so too young to have a smear :(

Someone please but my mind at ease! I know it's stupid but I worried about silly things :(

Thank you x

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Hi hon,

There are a lot of symptoms that are similar to endo, the best person to speak to is your Dr or surgeon. During your lap anything suspicious will have been recorded and would have been mentioned. Did you have any work done or did they just have a look? Symptoms change after surgery. :-(

Since you've had gynae surgery you should have a smear, I was advised to have one every 2 years after my first op.

Lastly don't worry, do your research, ask questions and learn to listen to your body. But don't feel stupid for worrying, its perfectly natural.

Take care. Xx


Thank you! They did do some work, had the laser to get rid of the Endo. Nothing's been mentioned to me about smears though :(


I've learnt over a long time to do my own research and go to drs with an idea of the outcome I'd like! If having a smear would put your mind at ease then ask for one. Good luck. :-)


Hi Abbiclaire,

If you are still worried, speak to your GP and/or endometriosis specialist and discuss your concerns. They can always send you for a cancer specific blood test which should help put your mind at rest.

I wish you well.


Hi abbiclaire, Ive been through the same thing as you this morning. Was diagnosed with endo in august this year following a laparoscopy, he performed minor surgery to get rid of some of the endo and said that should help my pain, but since then I have been having constant pain in what feels like is my left ovary. I saw a post on facebook this morning also about ovarian cancer and ticked all of the symptoms. I phoned the doctor who wouldnt give me an appointment today and said I had to try tomorrow, so I phoned my surgeons receptionist to see if I could make another appointment with him and she was so rude. I just feel like no one is taking me seriously and feel like I am being a bit of a hypochondriac... but no one knows our bodies like us right?


You probably saw the same post as me! I just seem to have a tendency to self-diagnose and work myself up over nothing though. Doctors just don't seem to care though :(


My doctor did a CA 125 level test (blood test) to make sure that my endometrioma was not cancerous (fortunately it wasn't). What I was told is that this level can be elevated due to endometriosis, but is usually much more elevated if someone has ovarian cancer. I think it's probably not likely that you have ovarian cancer at age 20, and endo is much more common, but you could ask for a blood test to make sure.

I also agree with others that you're not too young for a pap smear. As far as I know, that screens for cervical, not ovarian, cancer, but it's probably not a bad idea to have.


Even though you're 20, you're well within your right to ASK for a smear. I'm 28 and I'd say I've had about 4 or 5 smears since I was 12. My first one was when I was around 16 because I was having irregular and heavy periods, I was lucky in that my GP did it and was his suggestion. Since then I've had one every couple of years as part of investigations. To be honest, at the time I didn't know they were smears until I was 25 (I know, I know!) and a new GP asked if I'd had one before and I said no... then when they started I was like "Ohhh, sorry yes I've had about 5!

The one I had when I was 25 as part of the cervical cancer regime and they picked up abnormal cells so I had them burned away.

Go in and tell them you're worried and your symptoms and ask them for a smear. Good luck.


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