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Hi all. You've probably heard this all before but I'm worried. I had my first Prostap injection three weeks ago for heavy bleeding due to a pseudocyst and adhesions. I also have an ileostomy (Stoma) which they believe have compounded my issues as the adhesions are stuck to my womb, ovaries and what's left of my small bowel. I'm coping okay with the side effects re: hot flushes but today I'm having quite heavy bleeding/cramps which are worse than ever. I'm in a bit of a state at the moment so would like to know how long the bleeding will last for. I'm due my next injection on 4th Jan (due to the holidays). Will the next injection stop the bleeding? Think I'm quite emotional too (side effect maybe?). Thanks for your help (if you can help me) xx

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I too am on prostap..This is my third month actually im due my fourth in 1 week time the first month I bled really bad even from my bowel which really panicked me..The past two months were amazing it totally went but the past three days I started staining and now I'm bleeding again currently in bed with hot water bottle and painkillers in me...I other women it has worked miracles so I really pray it works for you xx


Hi Caroline. I'm sorry I didn't respond straightaway; probably for the majority of us it's been a hectic time.

I'm also really sorry you have had such an awful, and dare I say it, scary time. Bleeding from the bowel would have sent me over the edge; I will never have that problem (due to the Stoma) but in any event, I feel for you. Did you get that checked out by the doctor?

In a way, it's kind of reassuring that you had the other bleeding / mine is still going but has lightened up somewhat. The pain has not but I suppose it will take time. Tramadol is my friend at the moment ha ha.

I'm due the 2nd injection on Monday. I am having flushes but nothing I can't cope with, yet! The bleeding is the issue that's getting me down. I've also lost about 3lb as my appetite has gone too.

Like you, I'm praying that things get easier for you too. Would you mind keeping me informed how you are doing? It's just reassuring to know that I'm not alone.

*hugs* and a very happy (and pain free) new year to you.


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You are not alone im here anytime..nothing is working fir me and after 22 years of this im at end of my tether and it's not been an easy decision to make..I have never wanted children and I have had a failed marriage due to this..my hobbies were dancing and it's one thing I wanted to become a dance teacher but unfortunately with bleeding so much and the pain it was something I gave up..I had a new boyfriend that lasted a year but again Bleeding constantly or mood swings ended that. I seen a new consultant on 31st december there who listened to me and was so sympathetic for the first in a long time in 2-3 months im having a full hysterectomy with any endo left removed. I know this is not a cure for endo but if it stops the pelvic pain and my heavy periods and gives me some of my life back it will be worth it all and I'm going to be optimistic about this..I feel a weight has been lifted at someone actually listening..I wish you a very happy new year and keep me informed of how you are getting on xxx

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Hello again. Again just wondering whether anyone else needs Prostap injections and whether you can give some reassurances/experiences?

I know it's been a very busy period for many (thank goodness it's over and done with now)! Really would appreciate some help and advice. Xx


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