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Hairloss! Please help!!


Hi! I'll start from

He begging in the hope someone may be able to help. 3 years ago ( I am 26 now) I started suffering with terrible pelvic pains and irregular periods. I was put on the birth control Yasmin and 3

Months later my hair fell out... A lot! I stopped yas and my hairloss has never stopped. I still suffer

From pelvic pains and have had my ovaries checked and all are fine. I'm

Convinced I have endo. I recently had my saliva hormones tested in my luteAl phase and it has come back that I have low progesterone causing eatrogen dominance. Although estrogen is in normal references. My wrote up said I either have luteal phase deficiency or I am not ovulating all together. I have 4 day periods not heavy, and light at the end. Could low progesterone be causing my hairloss? And will progesterone cream help? Please help I am so desperate and depressed and this life for me I feel is not worth it. Any advice would help so much. I'm

Also suffering from itchy scalp and sometimes burning. I am a mess.

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Hi - there could be a few things going on - when you're on the pill it can deplete B vitamins and that can affect your hair. Any hormone imbalance can cause hair loss. If your progesterone is low in comparison to your estrogen, look into making some nutrition changes that will help get excess estrogen out of your body - dairy, gluten and processed sugary foods all will keep your estrogen out of balance and cause increased pain. If you have a gluten or dairy intolerance for example, that can also damage your gut and cause some of these symptoms - especially if you get itching, skin breakouts, headaches, bloating etc. Eat organic food as much as possible, lots of green leafy veggies and a variety of colored veggies will help with the hormones, especially broccoli, cauliflower, kale etc. And increasing fiber intake will help get the excess estrogen out of your body. Exercising and sweating will too! Zinc and Biotin are good supplements that help with hair loss. But also, it would be a good idea to have your doctor look into your thyroid levels and your iron levels to make sure they are not off because those can cause severe hair loss as well. Just a few ideas, hope that helps : )

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