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Returning to work after laparotomy & on zoladex

Hi folks, just wondering if anyone has any advice please on how to manage returning to work after surgery. I go back to work on 8th Jan having been off since early November following laparotomy and surgery for stage 4 endometriosis, chocolate cysts and adenomyosis.

I'm midway through 3 month course of zoladex to give my system a break from endo, as we are meant to be starting IVF at some point. I'm almost there physically after surgery but am currently recovering from a severe 2-3 day migraine. I suffer from migraine normally and wonder if zoladex has made it worse or if I've just overdone it. The hot flushes are quite pronounced but I can handle them. The migraine has been so bad my normal triptan meds had no effect yesterday but have thankfully kicked in tonight.

I'll be starting work gradually using some annual leave before I'm quickly back to full time again. Just really worried about managing : the job is pretty full on and I already need to see occupational health when I go back. I felt constantly unwell before surgery and diagnosis and it takes so much to just keep on going at work.

In an ideal world I'd be able to give up work but it's not possible at the moment, just very anxious about managing all this and getting to grips with diagnosis.

Thank you XXXX

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You need to take it easy, if you can go back part time that's good, you will get tired when back, where was your endo excised from?

How are you feeling now apart from the head migraine, is your pain better,?

2 months should be long enough, but if it isn't don't beat yourself up about,

Have a good relaxing Xmas and fingers crossed you'll be good for Jan,


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Hi Carrie the migraines could well be due to the Zoladex. I'm on my fourth and have found I get really bad headaches for the fist week after having it.

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Thanks very much ladies XXX Absolutely, still 3 weeks to go which should do the trick, along with part time hours for a couple of weeks.

The surgeons described kissing ovaries and I think the endo was everywhere, but they were really happy with the end result which I hope is a good sign. Pain is much better though and rarely need painkillers, just a bit tender in bits but on the whole much better :)

Fingers crossed these headaches will calm down for us soon too XXX I keep thinking it's a temporary issue to hopefully help in the long term.

Take care and I hope you all have a lovely Christmas ahead, thanks very much XXXXX


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