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Can anyOne relate?

Hello, I for the last 4 years have suffered with constant stomachs cramps lower back pain and pain in the hip and left leg, I have got pelvic inflammatory disease at least 4 times and have been treated with antibiotics for it, I have very heavy periods and bleed 2-3 times a month, I was on the mini pill after I had my son nearly 12 months ago but as was still bleeding found it pointless being on! I went for a scan I'm August and it showed the lining in my uterus as being quite thick after I had a period, I went for a appointment with a gynaecologist on Wednesday and she said it could be endometriosis because I have pain during sex as well! She has told me to go and get the mirena coil put in straight away and see if that helps do my symptoms sound like endometriosis and if they do has anyone had the mirena coil and found it helped, I mean it produces progesterone just like the mini pill so I'm abit reluctant at the minute whether it will help! Sorry for babbling on just need some advice! X

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Hi lovely l, I don't like to be negative about the coil and I hear loads of good stuff about it but I've had lots of problems, no Sex drive, emotional, hair growth, spots back pain leg pain the list goes on, some could be related to endo but I'm having mine out next week. The coil did help very well with my heavy bleeding for a while but now it's changed the last 3 months. Hope you go on ok lovely xxx


Thank you that's how I found the mini pill as well no sex drove put on weight, mood swings so I'm really reluctant about having I don because a lot of friends have had issues with it where doctors don't like taking them out once there in and I do want more children in near future! Xx


Hi darling, sorry your suffering, I haven't had the coil for endo, but I think your best bet would be to get a definite diagnosis, if it is endo the gold standard treatment would be to have excised, (cut out) the coil can help your symptoms but isn't a cure, and when you have it out your problems will return,

It's similar to being given pain killers, all it does is cover up the issue,

My first gyne told me to get a coil, I refused and got referred to a second gyne who gave me a laporscopy and a diagnosis.

Good luck


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Wish I had done this 😩 Xx


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