On & off toilet with awful pressure in bowel, can anyone relate to this?

I started my period yesterday awful pain as usual but also deep pain & pressure in my bowel like I had to go to toilet quick but when there I really struggled to do anything. The pain/pressure been unbearable & was up & down nearly all day yesterday I only just settled down about 11pm. Is this connected to my endo? X

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  • I'd say it is connected. And endo could be on your bowels causing the problems. I have problems with my bowels when on my periods too but mines more pain going then anything. X

  • Sameredgrift thanks for your reply i thought it could be endo related x

  • When i am constipated i get this type of pain in my bowel too. It is worse when i am on my period but then my pain is worse at that time anyway. The pains comes before i need the loo and can be more painful during, but not always. I haven't had my laporoscapy yet to diagnose where it is, but the doctors think it is on my bowel. I had endo lasered away about 13 years ago but it seems to have come back with a vengence. I am off work at the moment. Yes, it could be connected. X

  • Hi Nyneve, I had diathermy to endo around 2 years ago but been hospital again as sure its back with a vengance i have internal scan mid july. I get constipation too but have ibs but this recent pain not my ibs it was definately different. xx

  • Yes I would say it was, have come back from docs today with 2 prescriptions to help clear my bowel, I am 8 months after surgery and still having pain around the time of ovulation on my right side. The ovary and tube were removed from this side. Endo can cause kinks in your bowel which can make it difficult to go to the toilet xx

  • Hi Jayneeb3, thanks for your reply i think it is definately endo related now seen as i haven,t experienced that kind of thing before and from what u all say i reckon it is the endo in one way or another xxx

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