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Ureter stents..can anyone relate?

Please can anyone share their experiences with ureter stents. Ive had mine insitu since nov 26 whilst waiting for next op. I have constant dragging, stabbing in my urethra and now im sure that im having my 5th uti as its becoming worse again. Ive been taking high strength cranberry tabs which i think has helped a bit. My concern is having another catheter and would anyone be able to tell me that when thyve been removed will the urethra go back to being normal e.g wee without pain and walk without feeling theres something stabbing on every step. Thanks for reading yet another one of my worries J x

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Yes, I've had 3 different size stents and found them very painful. I was told some people have terrible trouble with them, and some people don't even know they are there.

I've ended up having Bilateral Nephrostomies, which are tubes coming directly out of my kidneys with urine bags attached, as I couldn't cope with the stents.

My ureters were damaged by endo and had to be skeletonized in surgery when i was having a radical hysterectomy.

It is possible that the ureters can stretch and heal with the stents, but in my case I am facing more major surgery, where they are going to cut away the damage ureters, move my bladder up etc with reconstructive surgery.

Is your next op removal of the stents?

Best wishes x


Oh my goodness thankyou for your reply but i feel for you. Every time i post something i feel such a winger as theres always somebody going through a great deal more. Massive hugs for you thats quite traumatic.Hope you finally get some peace from all this when you have your next op. My stents were put insitu because the ureters have become encased into an endo mass thats on my rectum. When i went in they werent expecting this so stents were put in to guide them with the op. Unfortunately/fortunately , which ever way its looked at, the team decided it was too complicated for them and i was referred to the specialists in Southampton.The stents are there purely for guidance. However after meeting the specialist he said he wouldnt have had them put in,but, however when he operates,they will be helpful. I am waiting for my op date to have the said above operated on and also a full hysterectomy. Hoping that these stents will be removed at the same time. Just hope the urethral pain goes with it. Best of luck to you J xx


Originally my stents where used as a guide so the ureters wouldn't collapse during surgery, but I've ended up in this state! lol

It sounds as though yours will be coming out after surgery and you should start to feel better. After my hyst, I had the stents and a foley catheter.

I hope I haven't scared you silly! Best wishes for your op!

PB x


Thankyou, no you havent scared me. Eeeeeekkkkk! Lol ;) Endo scares me, we never know whats coming next do we. Bless you and hope all goes well in the future. J x


Jalo, im sorry to hear your in pain with your stents, can i ask how long yours are being left in for?

Ive only got the left one in now, the only thing i notice i have more in a major urge to pee all day/night !!!

Silly question, but have you advised your consultant your in this much pain?



Hi Nickym, thankyou for your response. I have been told that they can stay in 6 months max! After seeing the Specialist he has said that he would like to operate in April ,just waiting for the appointment to come through. The pain and discomfort i get is right down in the urethra. Always when i pee and yes if ive gotta go, ive gotta go! Have had to wear pantyliners incase i get caught out. The times ive got through the door and just flung everything on the floor to race to the loo im suprised ive even manged to close the front door! Thankgoodness weve just had a downstairs loo put in :). I have a GP appt tomorrow as im sure i have another uti. I have never had these until now. My GP is great and fully aware of my discomfort. Hes sure it will get better and if it doesnt then more referals. I wonder if my urethra was damaged in any way when they put the catheter insitu. It has hurt from the moment i came out of anesthetic. I describe it to my girlfriends as a 'little prick' being up there.;) I will certainly be stressing the discomfort i have when i go back for op im sure there will be a urologist lurking around somewhere. The Specialist was sure the stents were causing the discomfort. Im wondering how. Are they aggrivating something? I dont have strings as i believe some do. Baffled. I just hope it all goes back to normal after.Thankyou again J X


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