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Lap update

So still on the ward day after my lap. Seen the Dr this morning, my surgery went well, I have severe endomitriosis wide spread throughout my abdomen, they have removed what they could see, I have had my right Fallopian tube removed, a large cyst removed from my right ovary , endo on my bowel attached to pelvic wall they have attempted to remove that, they could only do what they could do I was there 2hrs. I have to start an injection Zolfadex to try to reduce my endo spread and shrink my ovaries they have prescribed a Hrt patch, the only thing is the Zolfadex has nasty side effects but a complete hysterectomy would not stop the endo spread and regrowth. I have to come back in 3 months for review. Not feeling the best and very groggy but will get there soon. Hope your all well x

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Wow sounds like they are on the ball.

Do you have stay in as youve had a tube removed? Was it blocked ?

so glad the doctor has told you whats happened as i thought they normally tell you via appointment 6 weeks later.

An waiting would be a pain.

good luck on getting better

Im glad it went well for you.

Are you relieved its done and recovery can start?



I'm impressed too, my tube was filled with fluid and endo, I have an appt in three weeks time to review things I'm glad it's over, but I guess it's only just began really. Hope everything goes well with you x


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