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What treatment do people recommend?

Hello ladies,

I am 20 years old and hit diagnosed with endo at 16. At 16 my consultant put me on the microgynonen pill constantly so i didn't have periods, this worked for about 2 years and I seemed to manage my symptoms with codine and cocodamol. When I was 18 I started bleeding and getting severe pain during intercourse and started getting cramping on a daily basis so much so that some days I could barely move, I went to the GP and got referred back to gynae and they did a laprascopy on me to remove the endo, 6 months later it returned but with severe pain when holding my bladder and passing urine as the endo is on my bladder, this resulted in another operation on my bladder and removing it again, I have been on zoladex injection for the past 12 months which runs out in March and as it weakens your bones I'm not allowed on it for any longer. My gynaecologist has said that she recommends the Minerva coil? I'm not one of these to stay in bed and feel sorry for myself, I'm a student paediatric nurse and see so many children in worse situations than me so I get out of the house and get on with things (even if it does take me 3 hours to do my weekly shop cos I can barely walk) but I'm going to Cuba with my boyfriend in March and not seeing my gynaecologist until May when she wants to fit the coil, this means that I'll have 2 months without treatment and it scares the life out of me thinking I'll be in agonising pain throughout those 2 months, especially with me being on holiday. I'm also a bit cautious about getting the coil as I've heard that some people are on their periods for the first month of having it. What would you all endo sisters recommend?

Thank you in advance x

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Forgot to mention... I'm on 30g amtripline a night to help with my bladder pain xx


Firstly, can I ask if you have been seeing a general gyne or a BSGE specialist?

The coil works so well for some ladie and the complete opposite for others, I couldn't have it so don't know about it really,

Could you try the pill again, even if just for the few months in between, might suppress enough to get you through, you could try the endo diet, I'm going to start it after Xmas, I'm doing a detox programme, then starting that, it's supposed to work well for pain reduction,

Apart from a stronger pain killer I don't know what else to suggest,

Hopefully some one else will come up with something,


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