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Mirena Coil

Hello ladies,

I am coming off prostap as the side affects of it I'm finding too unbearable. My gynaecologist recommended the mirena coil which I tried last year but because the op went so wrong (something 'technical' and 'something slipped') it seemed to affect my insides and I was in agony and had to have the coil removed. But am willing to try it again, so I spoke to my doctor today to sort out having it put in and she said they won't do it, I had my last one inserted during my op and I need to see my gynaecologist and they'll have to do it...is that true? why couldn't my doctors insert it? they removed it for me last year


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From what I've been told regarding the coil they told me its better for nurses at a sexual health clinic to do it because they do it more often than a doctor so they're are less likely to be complications x

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I had my mirena inserted during a lap too; I think doctors can do it but that it's better for them to do it at the clinic as they probably do it more often? Perhaps worth asking your gp, if it's easier for you they might be able to do it there for you possibly? Hope it helps :( xxx


Yeah I'll see what my gynaecologist says as my doctor refused to do it and won't do anything until I've seen them luckily I will be seeing them just under 2 weeks

Thanks for the reply :) xxx


That's good then! Not too long of a wait! It's okay, hope it all goes well for you :) xxx


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