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First laparoscopy

Hi everyone I'm 26 and had my first laparoscopy on Monday. They confirmed that I had endometriosis on my right ovary but couldn't remove it as it was too close to my bowel. I have had a good recovery (despite needing a catheter as couldn't wee post surgery) I have been up and about and even cleaned the house. However on day 3 of my recovery I can't stop crying! Everything is setting me off, films and TV programmes and once I start it's like the flood gates open! Has anyone else experienced anything similar or am I going crazy?! Thanks in advance x

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All very normal you just have to go with it it does stop I assure you

All the best


I cried loads too! Hormones all over the place. You will feel better soon dont worry xxx


I'm on day 5 of recovery and am also in the same position. I am crying more than I'm not! I think it is normal so don't worry and hopefully it will pass in time xx


I'm 5 weeks post lap and yes I was exactly the same! It's ridiculous but it does get easier :) x


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