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My introduction

Hi everyone,

I was on here a few years ago but forgot my log in details lol. I mainly use FB support pages now, which are great, but I joined healthunlocked for NHS weight loss forums & figured I may as-well post here too!

My story so far - Diagnosed at 20. Used almost every hormonal treatment without much relief. Had excision surgery 2 years ago, which was great! But now it's come back.

I currently take 2 Cerelles a day (1 won't stop the bleeding). This has cause major weight gain which is making me miserable, but I appear to be out of options.

I had a meeting with an endo nurse a while back, she agreed to ask the Dr if he thinks I need more surgery, so I am currently waiting to hear if I am on the waiting list (which is pretty long!). So I feel like I'm stuck, suffering with endo & on a treatment I don't like with nothing to do except waiting & more waiting.

My main problem at the moment is the swelly belly! My belly is super swollen and tender. I thought it was due to constipation for a few days but last night the laxatives kicked in. It was so painful I thought I was going to pass out or be sick. Now i feel more tender and swollen.

Is there ANYTHING I can do?

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