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Hi guys, im 23 and due to have my 2nd laproscopy in a couple of weeks. Had my first laproscopy 2 years ago where they burnt away the endometreosis having a diagnositic laproscopy in a couple of weeks to see how big and where it is then im being transfered under a specialist, these last few months when the pain had been dreadful it also been dreadful when ive had bowel movements as in very painful. Just wondering if anyone else has experianced this? And could this be because maybe the endo is around my bowel?


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I have very painful bowel movements but only while on my period. My recent lap showed o have endo on my bowel, significantly my colon. Good luck for your lap! X


Thankyou xx


Followed this, would be interested in hearing other people's replies.

I have painful bowel movement, but I was thinking it was down to my large chocolate cysts. Hope your lap goes well, mine in early next year, so still have a way to go!


Thankyou, hope yours goes well too x


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