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Please help

Hi, I'm 33 and have been diagnosed with endo for 2 years now. I have had lots of different treatments but nothing seems to work, I have been on the combined pill that didn't work, they gave me a laperoscopy to remove a cyst on my left ovary and to do an ablation they then put me on a course of hrt for 6months and inserted the coil 4 times, as each time it was flushed out with my heavy periods. After all that they have done another scan/hystoscopy to inform me that everything is coming back. I'm in so much pain I broke down at work and I constantly cry myself to sleep. This is really getting me down and to a stage of depression I don't know how much more I can take, I could really do with some friendly advise.


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I dont have much in the way of advise which is tried and tested by me, but I have read about specialist centres doing surgery by which they completely remove all endometriosis legions and it is said to be really effective. Believe you need to get a referral for it. I hope you find some relief soon and also that you have ppl to support you through this difficult time.

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Yes Laura is right. You need to get referred to a specialist endo centre by your gp. There are loads about if you are in england. The ablation treatment you said you had is not very effective which means you probably got treated by a general gynaecologist and not an endo specialist.

Go back to your gp and insist they refer you to your nearest specialist. There is a list of them you can find online.

Good luck xxx


Thanks for your advice, your right my Gp referred my to my local hospital gynaecologist which I had alot of problems with at the start, they still don't seem to understand the pain I'm in and what I'm going through everyday they still want to put another coil in and I have told them there is no point as I have lost 4 in 6 months due to the volume of my periods. I will defo look in to this thank you, I hope there's light at the end of the tunnel :-) xx

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The best treatment for endo is excision. the best excision treatment is total peritoneal excision, as this takes away the whole area of tissue where endo can grow. If you look on bgse.org, you will see a list of endo specialists who offer this treatment x


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