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Hi all,

So I've recently been to see a gynaecologist who has told me some fantastic news that my lap worked well and my MRI is clear!

In terms of management, she advised a hormonal coil. I'm usually NO to hormones as they really affect my mental health (I had the mirena removed for this reason). However, she suggested a new one which releases less progesterone, apparently. I'm just doing some research on it, so thought I'd ask if anyone on here has tried it, and what your thoughts are compared to the mirena.

Thanks! X

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It's called the Jaydess (didn't actually mention that!!!)


I have been offered a cool before as they effect me mental health too. I was told about a coil that has no hormones in it what so ever just the contraceptive I decided however not to have it as I was so worried about how it would effect me. I've been better with the pills such as microgynon and now on Cileste as I have had bleeding after my lap.

Everyone is different I suppose in this case but no hormones sounds better than some. Give it a go I'd say, can always be removed and you can get through it if it does effect you


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