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Hiya everyone Im in a right pickle here, been really unwell for years heavy periods, pain, my boobs even leak milk and my youngest is nearly 5! Awful. Been diagnosed with endometriosis due to have thermal ablation next month. I've had a hormone injection in Feb which has induced menopause I'm having flushes, tired, breathless, all the symptoms and the bleeding hasn't stopped!!! Which was the whole point. I've been having breaks of 4 days for the past 10 months bleeding heavily and clotting the rest of the time. Now I'm having more of an interval maybe a week then bleeding for 3. Crazy. I have small kids and work full time so I'm drained as you can imagine. apart from feeling sorry for myself is there anything I can do? Also is this ablation any good? Thanks for your help I'm pulling my hair out.xxx

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Hi there, sorry your feeling so crap, my children are abit older, 10s my youngest and I still get milk, I have ENdo and a adenomyosis, I couldn't imagine having to deal with this when they where younger, although I've always had painful periods but only lasted a few days, I thought that was bad enouth, until the last year been having almost daily pain,

Have you had any endo, excised, lasered,?

Have you been seeing a endo specialist or a general gyne doc?

Hope you get some releif soon



I'm not sure it's all new to me I don't think I understand the severity of it yet, I'm due for the laser treatment next month so far had the injections and hrs but still bleeding and having menopause symptoms too I feel like shit kook of thanks for replying, I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do. I have a gynaecological consultant who's doing this procedure for me is that what you mean? That's all though. I'm really struggling now though xxx


Hrt not hrs


Ooooof not kook I can't spell either is that a side effect lol xx


Yes it's very confusing, so have you had a laparoscopy confirming your endo, where is it?

And I meant, there are 2 different procedures to remove endo, laser that shaves from the surface and excision that cuts out from root,

Also there are gyne docs that deal eith us endo sufferers but don't no a lot about the disease and then there's specialist who deal in enforcing and adeno, and there is also centres purely for endo, check what your consultant is, he is probably a general gyne,



Yes I've had a procedure which confirmed I have no idea where it's attached to though all my pain is on the left side and is getting worse I couldn't lift myself out of bed earlier I feel like I'm pulled down all the time my back really hurts too. I'm having thermal ablation on 19.5.15 don't know what to expect she said whatevers been affected they will remove??? Xxx


Ablation is removing the lining in side the wobm isn't it?

I would check with her where ENdo was found and if she did any treatment on it and, what procedure she used, ring uour Gp or her secretary and ask them,

I'm unsure what you have actually had done, but if it's endo that's outside of the uterus, not inside,

And really you should be thinking about having it cut out,



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