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Hello Everyone!

Wonder if someone can give me a bit of reassurance about a new situation I've found myself in; I've been signed off work for 2 weeks by my GP for rest, post removal of Mirena & continued bleeding despite being on Zoladex & Norethisterone. I am seeing another Gynae on Friday, but in the meantime I have been told by work that a Medical Opinion is needed to seek advice or understanding about my condition (despite having explained many times & given information on it!!) as my sick days total over 50...!! Which understandably they aren't happy about, but I am finding myself being blamed for issues at work, which I had previously discussed with my employer.

Just wondered if anyone else has had a similar situation or requests for Medical Opinions - bit overwhelmed & confused by all of this on top of struggling with pain etc each day!

Would love any responses or advice... thank you xx

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Hi Laura

As an HR advisor, I often find myself having to request information from GPs in order to get a better understanding of an employee's medical condition. This then allows us to have a professional opinion on how it affects daily life and how we can support that person in the workplace.

You may also be referred to occ health for the same reason.

Depending upon how serious your endometriosis is you may find it's classed as a disability, therefore giving you extra protection in the workplace

This link gives more advice


If you need any help, please do shout as I understand it from an endometriosis sufferers point of view as well as an employers

Claire xx

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Thank you Claire, that is helpful - we had discussed this route previously but had decided there wouldn't be further benefit for my employer, which confused me why he changed his mind!

I had looked into whether it was classed as a disability before, but I couldn't really make head or tail of it! Will definitely have another look into the link that you sent though... thank you :-) xx


Hope it helps. Best of luck xx


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