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Endo Specialist Apt

Hi, I finally got my 1st apt with an Endo specialist on 10th Nov and I don't know what to expect, Has any one got any experience of this ?. Will they be willing to help me with investigating my Hormone levels, looking into whether I am Wheat/Gluten sensitive, could I get referred to a dietician ?.

I have recently finished a 7mth course of Zoladex which was horrific. I'm now to scared to try other Hormone therapies and just think I ll be pushed to try the coil as that's what the general gyni wanted.

My pain has never been linked to my period and Ive 2 flare ups per wk at the mo and its preventing me starting my new job. Im wavering about having intrusive treatment as I need a quick fix (even if it is temporary) as I dont want to loose my job. Most of all i dont know if its worth me having another Laparoscopy to see what stage my Endos at if im not going to agree to surgery.

It seems having the Endo lasered off is only a temporary fix so dont think its worth me going through the surgery again. I remember how much pain I was in after the last one.

Ive waited 6 mths for this apt and I just want to get the most out of it I can. Im sick of my life being on hold but dont see the specialist can offer me any good options.

Id really appreciate any info or advice that anyone has. I dont know how to move forward.

Thanks in advance xx

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My first appt was very thorough - I had an internal/ external examination and an ultrasound as well as the surgeon taking a very thorough history. We theb talked about options and the planned surgery they would do. I guess all specialist centres could be different. I would say be clear on what your current difficulties are - where and when you experience pain/ difficulties, be clear about your history of Endo leading up to being diagnosed and the current referral and then also what you would like to know as treatment options now. I would definitely suggest you write any questions down - I always forget unless I write it down as I usually have so much to ask! As for complimentary therapies it would depend on the nurse and consultant you see and their opinions on complimentary therapies/ nutrition. Good luck with your appt.

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Thanks so much for your reply. I now feel more assured he may offer some help after all. The rest have just been so useless. Big hug fi x


I am in a similar situation. I am wheat and lactose intolerant and have so many stomach problems I don't know a part of my tummy that doesn't hurt. All of which only started after having Prostap injections. Im have an op in Dec to remove the endo so hoping my stomach pains will disappear then but im not convinced they will be. im also waiting to see a dietician as I know im not getting the right nutrients. Im convinced my hormone levels are a big factor but whenever I have hormone blood tests they always come back normal and nobody ever seems to what to delve into it further.

I hope you soon get some answers


I'd take your post in. It's clear and concise. Waiting on my appointment in December. Everything I've read says a specialist treats you differently than a regular gyn. I have another condition....couldn't believe the difference in visits when I finally got into the specialist for that. I actually smiled and laughed. He KNEW what I was talking about. Hope this helps....I was so discouraged I almost didn't go to "yet another doctor".

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