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15 months since Op - pangs

Hi everyone,

It has been a while since I posted and have actually got married this year too!

I wanted to ask any fellow lap ladies how they are doing over a year on? To recap, I had a large dermoid cyst in my left ovary and also they found endo at the back of my uterus when they went in. This was zapped off.

I have had a few scans since as I have been suffering from aches and pangs still on my left side since. Internally they saw nothing of concern, just that my left ovary is smaller than my right now which is 'normal' after have a dermoid removed supposedly? They actually uncovered I also have a funny kidney issue but that will be in another post!

I have still been suffering with internal aches (best way to describe) over my right hip - they scanned/xrayed here too but nothing. I also, and this is what annoys and hurts the most, have this pang near my belly button incision, just to left, almost at an angle. I don't like pressing to much here as it creeps me out but it still really hurts.

Really long post but basically does anyone else still suffer so long after? It's not excruciating, but is painful and very uncomfortable.

Thanks so much


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