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Cerazette for 3 years, no break

Hi Ladies,

Has anybody here been prescribed Cerelle with instructions to take with no break at all?

I have been on it for some years now and in all honesty I have found that it works for me, I certainly haven't bled in that time which seems to be rare as many on here don't seem to get on with it. But I have read many comments on here that say that they have been instructed to take it for months at a time then allow a bleed.

I was put on it after my lap in 2012 to help prevent endo, which seemingly hasn't worked as my symptoms are back, but I was curious if anyone knew if there was any harm that could be done by stopping things completely for so long?

Any advise greatly appreciated


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Hi, I am on continuous Cerelle, however, I am not finding it to be particularly effective. My doctor advised taking it with no break, but to expect a natural bleed every 2-3 months. Well I have non-stop been spotting, had blood clots, awful bowel problems, and all my doctor has done is double the dose!!

I am due to see her again next week (have to book 1 month in advance) and am hoping to plead for any other medication! Although, as I am only one week away from seeing the consultant I am hoping that they may put me on the menopause patches...

I dont know what damage to fertility or to your natural cycle is caused by not taking a break, have you asked your Doctor?

I would say that if the treatment is stopping your bleeds, and not causing the condition to grow further this would be a good thing? But this is more opinion than understanding!

Hope you get some answers,


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