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Should I see my GP

I've been back and forth to different GPs for about 2 years. My main symptons are lower back pain, pelvic pain, sharp pains down legs and twinges in groin area. The pain is bareable but I would like to try for children in a year or so and I'm worried this is affecting my fertility. I'm currently on the pill and going to get my next 6 months worth soon but I might mention it to the nurse as the GPs aren't taking me seriously, they said last time they may possibly send me for scans but reading on here they won't find endo from a scan. Arghhh

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I think the earlier you mention it, the earlier anything can be done, so there is no harm in bringing it up, especially if it is on your mind and you are concerned about your fertility! GPs can be really difficult with this, but you know your body better than anyone. In my experience it is a long process and although things can't always be seen on scans, it's a part of a longer process of tests and appointments to get the ball rolling.

Good luck, I hope you're able to get the help you need.


Hi, by the sounds of things you need a referral to gynae - preferably an endometriosis specialist at an endo centre bsge.org.uk/ec-BSGE-accredi...

Don't accept no for an answer; the type of pain you describe going down your legs is indicative of pouch of Douglas endo/bowel involvement or adenomyosis. Even if it isn't - you shouldn't be going through pain like this and need to be checked out.

If you are thinking of having a baby in a year's time it would be good to get a diagnostic laparoscopy asap - then you would have had treatment (or been given the all clear) by then - gives you a better chance at successful conception.

Best of luck x

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Thanks for your reply. I'm quite scared now well I have been for ages. I've been given antibiotics for PID but of course didn't make any difference. I'm due to see the nurse on 9th October should I wait until then an ask her what I should do ? My closest endo centre looks like it's Bristol which is over an hours drive from me. I hope I get some answers soon. My pain has started again today as normally goes during my period and I started my pill pack again Friday and pains started now and I know will last until my next period. Ahhh


Try not to worry and don't be scared - you've recognised there's an issue and are being proactive in doing something about it. Ignoring it would be much scarier. Get an appointment (with a different gp if necessary), say you are still suffering pain - particularly related to your monthly cycle and that you want to be referred to a gynae consultant who specialises in endometriosis. If you have circa £150 you can ask the gp for a referral letter so you could see a doctor privately within the next few weeks for an initial consult, this saves some time on nhs waiting lists. Honestly don't worry, trust your gut instincts x


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