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Hi,whoever is reading this...i am a 43 year old mother of 2 beautiful sons...6 years ago i had a c-section due to having Placenta Previa .....since then i have endured pain that is unbearable.It started 6 weeks after my section and has progressively and systematically chipped away at my life.So far my treatment is bog standard...lapo,exploratory surgery....i fought long and hard to get a Cat scan,then fought harder to get an M.R.I which showed a 5cm endo mass in my rectal sheath muscle.....i AM grateful to our wonderful N.H.S for getting me this far BUT i was told surgery is too risky because of the mesh used,i have taken every pain medication that was given...none worked,or if they did i was reduced to a dribbling,stoned mess.

For 17 days of every month it genuinely feels like there is slowly rotating blade in my abdomen with a shard of glass thrown in for good measure.I cant risk a hysterectomy because of my scar tissue history,there is also a history of breast cancer in my family so hormone treatment is a scary option.....Im a strong woman and i know that some unfortunate people have it far worse...but this is ruining my enjoyment of life,my sons know not to approach me when im sore.

PLEASE tell me there's some solution to this .

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Hi - are you being tretaed in a specialist endo centre as endo involving the bowel must only be treated by the most skilled of surgeons. Click on my name and look at my posts on rectovaginal endo and on how to find a specialist centre.


As Lindle says, look at her posts for more info. You have stated yourself that your treatment so far is bog standard. You deserve better than that and it's worth following Lindle's advice on getting the right specialist treatment with a surgeon skilled enough to deal with your particular situation.

What is the mesh for? Sorry, I don't know much about C-sections. Could the mesh also be causing pain? I've heard of people with severe problems related to mesh for bladder issues. They are difficult to remove but I know an endo surgeon who is good at removing them.


This is the article that rang a bell for me when you mentioned mesh edp24.co.uk/news/health/i_f...

I don't know if this is the mesh you have.


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