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Yasmin V Femodette

Hello Everyone

I had my lap to remove all endo in 2012. Literally the day after the op the consultant gave me Yasmin to take, with instructions to take every day.

We'd already discussed that this pill would be the best and why.

I took it for three months and would break for seven days.

I stopped for a year, as we was trying to get pregnant naturally; didn't happen and last year September started taking Yasmin again.

Never had a single problem with it but had mentioned to doc I was concerned that the pill was making my fibroids grow, so I wanted an alternative. As I didn't want the coil he suggested a lower dose pill and in August this year changed me to Femodette.

Within a week I was experiencing bad pains, it got worse and I went from having a pain diary of every couple of days to every day!

I've persevered as the past two weeks have been calm, no pain; but since yesterday the pain has started up again. I have around 5 pills left in the pack and I'll have a break - but I personally want to go back on Yasmin as I am in so much pain.

My next appointment is not until January next year now and I don't know what I should do.

Sounds crazy, but the pain makes me paranoid that it's growing back!

On Yasmin I forgot I had endo, never had pain.

If anyone's experienced this please can you let me know what happened to you and your thoughts.


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Just wondering if you experienced any hair loss whilst being on Femodette?


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