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Decided to take my pid antibiotics

I'm on day 2 of 14 of antibiotics to treat pelvic inflammatory disease. But after joining this group I think I had edom rather than pid I'm due to see a doctor again on Friday so will have to try and convince them I have edom. I've never had scans or been reffered before but I hope they take me seriously I know there's a problem with my reproductive system why can't they !

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I was told I had pid before I got diagnosed because I had a slight infection, I was given two types of antibiotics to take for about the same amount of time, I was diagnosed a couple of months later with endo via laproscopy, I'd recommend finishing the course in case you do have an infection, but if the pain and such persists then make sure your dr knows :) if you think it's endo try pushing for a lap :)


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