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Advice needed???

Hi, I've been having problems with my health for nearly 2 years now and I have still not been diagnosed. I suffer with abdominal pains as well as pains in my groin area, nausea pretty much every day, extremely bad periods where some days I can't even move and generally just feeling drained; there are also certain things that I cannot eat and drink as they seem to upset my body. I've been through numerous hospital vists having blood tests, urine samples, mri scans, ct scans, endoscopy and recently a ureteroscopy, and they found nothing apart from a small stone in my kidney that passed after having a stent in. I am now waiting to have a laparoscopy and have recently been reading about endometriosis and was wondering if anyone with this condition has had any of the same symptoms as me? Thanks! :)

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All the symptoms you mention are endo symptoms, hopefully you will get some answers after your lap

Good luck,


I was exactly the same as this! I've had period problems since being 17, but over the past 18 months I had constant period and abdominal pains.

I had every test going: ultrasound, X-ray, MRI, endoscopy, colonoscopy, bloods taken and even sent to the GUMed(?!).

It wasn't until my third hospital admission that I requested to see a gynaecologist because I thought I had endo. Had my laparoscopy last month and my concerns were valid. Endometriosis was found and it's thought it has infiltrated my bowels too.

Hope you get sorted soon x


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