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Confused 😱

Just back from a gmeds appointment. she checked my previous scan results yes multiple (news to me thought there was one) fairly big cysts and defo endometriosis so basically nothing she can do as on strongest possible combination for pain, need surgical procedure to remove it hopes should be done within 12 weeks ?? I've to monitor the diclofenic as she thinks that's what causing my rashes, have to get liver bloods done by own gp for itch, I've blood in urine, she said she on a budget so I've to try borrow or buy a tens machine, buy glycerol suppositories as diorea being caused by overspill from being constipated, buy ky jelly for suppositories, buy fybogel to use along with movical and suppositories to completely empty bowels actually thought she was taking the p**s lol though no she's written it all down xxxx

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