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Endo & Adenomyosis?

Hi ladies

I am hoping someone may be able to help, I am at a loss with my pain (and seems my gyne doctor is too!) I had my first lap in June 2015, suspected umbilical endometriosis. I don't bleed from my umbilicus but I get a very swollen, painful, tender belly button area, almost feel like a big lump under my belly button. Could this actually be from adenomyosis?

During my lap my gyne found widespread endo in my pelvis which he removed but said he couldn't find any on my umbilicus. I'm 4 months on, recovered from surgery but my pain hasn't got any better. Especially during my period I get an irritable / painful bladder (no endo found on bladder though) and the pain/tenderness radiated up to my umbilicus (especially painful when I am going for a wee and sometimes moving my bowel), kind of like a very sharp stabbing pain. It's excruciating. My tummy is tender to touch (almost feeling bruised) and I get quite bloated.

My gyne has questioned if my belly button pain is gyne related since he didn't find any endo, but the pain is in line with my menstrual cycle. He is putting me on 3 months of menopause injections to see if the pain stops or not (to determine if it's gyne related, even though I am sure it is!) - do you think it is possible I have adenomyosis too? Any help/advice would be really appreciated!


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Sorry, but the pain is probably endometriosis. How can a consultant gynaecologist say he has 'removed' endometriosis. He removed what he saw but it always comes back because it is fed by ovariess- hormones. Why will they not tell the truth? There is no surgical solution except total hysterectomy. Its not good enough. Ask him what he thinks the final solution to endometriosis is?? How much surgery does he think you should have to endure before he decides you have had enough? Took me 10 years amd 5 laparotomies. Ridiculous. Wish I knew then what I know now.

Good luck. There is good life after endometriosis. Dont let it rule you!

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Hi Versailles

Thanks very much for your reply. I suppose I had wondered if it was Adenomyosis because of the swelling... I've done a lot of reading and haven't stumbled across any endo patients who also experience the umbilical swelling without endometriosis. My gyne had done a biopsy of my umbilicus too and the results were clear. Perhaps there is endo and it's hidden away somewhere they can't quite see.

Vicky x


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