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Post Surgery

Just thought I'd update everyone of my experience. Am currently still in hospital following excision of recto-vaginal endometriosis. I was in theatre for over 8 hours at a specialist centre. They are happy that they have removed it all - a big nodule pulling down my rectum and through my ureter and then another in my vaginal wall. I have a stent fitted in my ureter which will be removed under general anaesthetic in 6 weeks time. They will check then whether my ureter has sealed back together by using a dye. i have to say that the experience of being treated at a specialist centre has been amazing and that its so much more understood and respected.

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Hi wind mill

Hope you have recovered from your op ,I also have just had surgery in the same endo centre as you and the expertise was great I felt very confident let's hope it works!!!

All the best

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I am getting there thanks, ended up being re-admitted with a kidney infection so was on antibiotics for 3 weeks. how are you? I went back on Monday and had my stent removed so had another general anaesthetic. But the good news was that my ureter has sealed and therefore I didn't need a stent re-fitted. Even though I was in the urology clinic, the gynae consultant came to see me while I was waiting for my anaesthetic. I really rate him as a consultant/ surgeon, he's seems genuinely concerned and caring towards patients and certainly goes the extra mile! How are things going for you?


Hi there glad you are heading in the right direction

I am doing ok 3 weeks post op ended up having a bowel resection amongst other things

You are right he is a lovely man and very genuine

Let me know how everything goes


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