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mini pill

Hi has anyone been put on the mini pill for endo. My gp started me on it this month although I started taking it around the time of ovulation. My endo symptoms started a week ago but still no period. Just wondered if I won't be getting one because of the pill. My gp said it may or may not stop ovulation but this month will be too soon to stop that anyway. Normally the start of my period pretty much stops the endo symptoms but if I'm not going to have one any ideas when the pains will end. Xx

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I had the mini pill for Endo. Was great for pains (took a couple of months to fully kick in) but unfortunately I had to stop taking it because it made me produce more oil on my skin and made me chest acne worse so chose to come off it for that reason. The first time I was on it I stopped bleeding straight away and didn't have a period for 2 years. The second time I was on it I still had a period every month but it gradually became lighter and lighter. So it can really depend!

I would say just give it a try (unless you felt it was affecting you badly) because it might take awhile to help reduce your pain. Or it may not at all. But I always think its worth trying.

Faye x


Hi it took a few months for it to really settle. I still bleed occasionally but it's very light.


They usually say you need at least 3 months to see if it's working. I tried the mini pill and it really didn't agree with me (I think I ovulated every 2 weeks, bled a little bit constantly, had migraines and headaches and it made me anxious - not great!) it clearly does work well for some people though so fingers crossed it does for you!


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