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Stopping the mini pill for better sex?

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Just looking for opinions to help me make my mind up about whether to stop taking the mini pill.

Sorry its a long one!

I was officially diagnosed with stage 4 deep infiltrating endo last summer after about 7 years. I am on the waiting list for excision surgery, cyst removal, possible ovary removal, and bowel resection. I was on zoladex for 6 months which ended in January. I loved the zoladex, I had minimal every day pain, periods were mostly stopped, I had energy and felt like me again. My libido was up, and after seperating from my husband I had sex with a relative stranger and it was not painful at all, and my libido was increased. I was not allowed to continue with the zoladex, and so agreed to try progesterone only pill. I had previously not got on with it, found it affected my mood, and didn't do much for the endo. However, the last 6 months of it have been OK, my periods are lighter and less painful, I'm taking amitriptyline for the day to day pain which has been great, my mood has been relatively stable (which I don't know if it's related to the pill, or the fact I'm no longer in a toxic relationship) but my libido definitely decreased and even when I felt like it, have been unable to orgasm on my own. I now have a serious partner, who is lovely and caring in every way, however I am still unable to orgasm and wonder if this is due to the pill. Sex is mostly pain free, except I bleed everytime and then this continues for at least 5 days after. Part of me wants to stop taking it, as I miss the feeling of wanting sex and would like to be able to orgasm. But I'm worried that my periods will return to the pre-zoladex days of agonising pain and nausea. Should I just continue with things the way they are, or risk antagonising the endo by stopping the pill?

Thank you lovely judgemental free people 😊

13 Replies
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Just so you are aware Amitriptyline is known to have sexual dysfunction as a side effect. So it maybe that, it maybe the mini pill or it may be both.

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Petalgirl in reply to bluebug

Ah crap. I like the amitriptyline!! It has minimised my pain loads. I guess I'd better go talk to a doctor. Thank you!

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Hi there, sorry you are having these problems. This is the thing people often don't talk about with endo, they'd rather talk about bowel issues than sex. I have felt really sad about the impact on my sex life. I think it may be both of your meds that are impacting you in terms of orgasm if you are taking them routinely. How often do you take amitriptyline? I don't take any hormonal meds cause of the impact on my mood and the fact that my doctor wants to do surgery. I do take amitriptyline occasionally, but I tend to take naproxen half the month, then I might add co-codamol or amitriptyline or both of the pain is really bad. I don't find it any harder than normal to orgasm (it's always taken me a long time!) I have libido when I'm not in pain.

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Petalgirl in reply to MalachiteAli

I take amitriptyline everyday for the past 3 months. And now thinking about it that may be when the problem started. Its difficult because I didn't have a partner and so wasn't bothered. But now I am. He's a trooper when it comes to the constant bleeding but it's very frustrating to not be able to orgasm! I think I need to go speak to a doctor about my meds.

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Just so you know, there are other meds that work in a similar way to amitriptyline. The ones I've tried are duloxetine, gabapentin and pregabalin. I'm currently taking pregabalin and have found the side effects much more manageable than amitriptyline. It might be that you get on a bit better with one of the other meds so defo worth discussing with your doc :-) xx

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Petalgirl in reply to Anna_EndoUK

I've just been prescribed pregabalin to try, fingers crossed it works for me

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Hey!I think it's great we are all discussing sex, it is perfectly healthy and normal so I don't know why people get all squeamish!

Are you talking about not being able to achieve orgasm through full penetrative sex? Or even through clitoral stimulation too? If it is just penetrative then honestly know you're not alone! So many women can't orgasm from penetration alone, it is actually very difficult to achieve orgasm this way and most people don't even know this. People assume that women should cum through sex the same way a man does, but that's simply not true. We are very complicated creatures who can't just cum on command (regardless of how much we wish we could lol). I like to think that's why our orgasms are so good, because they are hard earned, and few and far between at times!

Have you watched the Netflix show about sex? I believe it is called The Pleasure Principle. Honestly it opened my eyes to what orgasm really is, and it is not just a simple "I'm aroused so I should orgasm". So so so many factors come into play! Your mood, the time of month, gosh even if you have slept enough. Obviously medication is also a huge factor in sexual dysfunction, but also sometimes our brains just don't have enough chemicals to create the "bang" we need. Maybe because we've done too much that day, or we are just tired out.

My biggest advice is watch that show lol! But also experiment with different ways to orgasm, like foreplay and toys. Relax, don't make orgasm the goal :) if you put too much pressure on yourself then you'll likely make it harder to achieve! And if things persist then please do speak to a doctor, more of us should be open about our sex lives and honest about how important healthy sex is. I myself have really struggled with orgasms, mostly through pain but also because of previous sexual trauma as a child. So I understand how many factors can come into play in the bedroom, being open and honest is the best place to start :) and you're doing that already so that's brilliant.

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Petalgirl in reply to CryBaby91

Even through clitoral stimulation on my own! With a toy I was previously very happy using. I don't make orgasm the end goal, I'm well aware when I'm too in my head, or distracted, or time of the month. I really do believe this is due to the medication. Me and my partner are having a lovely time regardless, and if not being able to orgasm is the price I pay for a relatively pain-free life then I will accept that, but I'll explore all my options first.

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Hi, I too also had a lower libido and bled for a week after sex when on the pill and on the implant. It greatly improved when I had the mirena IUD fitted instead. Have you tried this option? Mirena is said to be a good option with those with endo x

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Petalgirl in reply to A5555

I had a mirena 10 years ago and hated it, I have agreed to have one after my surgery though. Having thought about it and spoken to a doctor I do think it's more likely to be the amitriptyline so I have switched to pregabalin as an experiment.

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A5555 in reply to Petalgirl

Yeah that’s fair enough it’s worth a try so you can rule it out. Hopefully it works out for you :)

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How soon can you start the pill after stopping zoladex?

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Can I just ask why they stopped the zoladex injections if it was working well for your pain?

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