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3mnths post laparoscopy and I am in agony!!

I had my first laparoscopy on July 8th top remove a whole lot of endometriosis and I was put on a course of microgynon30 (take 3 packs back to back then rest for 7days and repeat- I am on my second pack) nearly 3 months later and I am getting the same pain if not worse than before 😢!!

I tried the endometriosis diet...had no effect!!

I have tried reflexology but had to stop due to it getting quite price, though it seemed to ease the pain for a while plus it was the only chance I got to fully relax!

I have been prescribed sleeping tablets as I am lucky if I get 3 hrs sleep a night but I am still waking up!! I just feel utterly exhaust ALL the time, I am really struggling!! I take vitamins/iron/evening primrose...but please if any one has any advice I am open to trying anything!!

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Try toga, breathing exercises. Look online for some more information. Youtube can be helpful

I tried a CBT course which was really helpfull for me with my thoughts, feelings and being anxious all the time.

Did you have another chat with your gp about how you are?



I went back to my go on Monday and she wants to do another blood test just in case there is an underlying problem.

I have an appointment with the surgeon next Monday too as I contacted him in regards to the pain.

Have you had a laparoscopy? If so did you experience the same sort of thing?

Thank you so much for your reply!!!

Lucie :)


I had keyhole surgery last November. After recovery i went backwards and forwards to gp for my pain complaints and no-one really had an good advice or could offer me help. I was so focussed on my pain i couldnt enjoy my life, which affected home and work a lot.

I hope it will get sorted for you soon!

Look after yourself



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