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Pain after lap

I wanted to ask if anyone knows how long internal healing takes after having endo excised? I had my first laparoscopy mid-August, and they found and removed minimal endo on my ovaries, a small amount on my uterosacral ligament, and some in an Allen Masters window in my Pouch of Douglas (both active and some scar tissue). It was the POD endo giving me the worst symptoms - bladder and bowel problems, plus a particular type of pain that was like nothing else I've ever experienced, which would cause spasms to ripple up and down my digestive tract and was so intense even being touched on my shoulder by my partner would make me retch. That pain was why I insisted on being investigated, because it was so disabling and scary. Anyway, my first post-op period wasn't too bad, but I've had lower levels of that same pain on and off for the last two weeks of my current cycle. I guess what I'm asking is, could this still be related to healing from the operation six or seven weeks ago, or should I start to be concerned that they didn't get everything while they were in there? I had my surgery at an accredited centre by a specialist endo surgeon, and it specifically says the POD endo was excised rather than ablated on the discharge notes.

I'm a bit reluctant to go back and see the consultant again because he wasn't very encouraging when I tried to ask questions, plus he was keen on the theory of retrograde menstruation and of hysterectomy being a cure, which I've read elsewhere is a bit outdated?

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